SharePoint Alerts App for Office 365

Recipients Settings

Now switch to Recipients tab. The list of recipients who will receive alerts is defined here.

Your must have administrator right to send alerts to other users.

If you already have an administrator access, there are several options of recipients’ selection.

The first option is Set of users or e-mail addresses. You can start typing the username and get suggestions with an autocomplete option.

This option enables to set any amount of names or addresses separated with a semicolon “;”

The second option is Me.

In this case the email message with alert will be sent to a user who created the corresponding subscription.

The third option is a Person or Group fields from chosen list. In our example, these are fields Created by and Modified by.

This option is used when it is required to organize alerts sending according to meaning of the field in the event. For example, if you need to send alerts to users who are assigned to work with a task. Select “Created by” or “Modified by” and send alerts to users from according field in the Alert list (“Created by” or “Modified by” field). The alerts will be sent only to those users who are mentioned in this field.

You can assign multiple recipients in this field and select both recipients from a field in the Alert list and recipients with emails. In this case you will send them all the alerts.