SharePoint Alerts App for Office 365


You can create your own custom schedule for sending SharePoint Alerts, e.g. you can define conditions and period when alerts should be delivered. For instance, you can receive alerts when someone changes an item only within working hours (8 AM to 5 PM). You can also define days of a week to send alerts.

Choose changes type, according to which the alert will be sent. You can adjust alert for following item:

  • Apply to all items;

  • Apply to items in the following view;

  • Use condition(s).

You are able to create a custom condition for an alert.

Click “Use condition” and define an item field, select a condition from list and type a value.

You can add new condition by clicking on “+” button or delete a condition using “X” button.

To track changes in a specific list field, select “Use condition”, choose the required field and use “has been changed” condition.

Then define the time of reminding e-mail.

You can send it immediately after any changes occurred or create a daily or weekly summary schedule.

If you select “Send a daily summary”, fill out two additional fields from time dropdown lists and check boxes with days when you will to receive a summary.

Alert will be sent according to settings at 14:30 only within working days.

The last option allows you to send alert on specific date based on list’s date field value.

Same Date, After, and Before

You can send alert on the same date as the date from a chosen field value. In this case, you need to set the exact time when the alert will be sent.

You can set the exact time for “After” and “Before” options as well.

If the format of a chosen field is not the Date and Time, but Date Only, you have to set time for alert sending. The same setting can be required if you send an alert for recurring events or for an all-day event.

The count of days from additional field

You can send an alert according to a day count from a value taken from a custom number type field. For example, you have created in a list the Due Date field and a custom number type field.

Select the option “Send on date from a field value” and choose Due Date field. Then you can assign a count of days from a custom field to send the alert. For example, the value in the custom “Number of days” field is 1. Select the “After X number of days specified in field”. Then choose the custom list field with a number. In this example, we have value “1” in this custom field. This means, you will receive this alert on the next day after the date in the “Due date” field.

Daily reminder

You can customize the schedule to send reminders. It is possible to send daily reminder before or after the specified number of days. In the example below, a user will receive reminders at 14:00 in 2 days before and 1 day before the End Time of event.

Press ”Save” to save the created alert.