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Join us at our free Webinar “How to organize efficient remote work” on April 16th!

March 20, 2020

Figure out why your remote work goes horribly wrong, once and for all. Discover the biggest challenges of remote working and learn how to overcome them. When? On Thursday, 16th of April 2020. How much? It’s free!

Free Webinar

Ever wanted to work remotely and keep things in control? Now you can. Join us at our free Webinar “How to organize efficient remote work” where you’ll be able to learn:

1. Challenges you face launching a remote work
When you are forced to introduce the remote work, your team and your IT infrastructure might be not ready. We’ll share the common challenges to be ready for.

2. Tools to stay in control
We can name a bunch of tools and approaches to create an environment for remote work. Many of them can be based on Office 365 or even SharePoint on-premise.

VirtoSoftware applications help to make this environment efficient. No worries, you’ll still keep your data and operate within your security policies.

3. Tips and tricks for remote managers
Remote work only seems to be “the same”. We’ll share the most useful tips and tricks for managers we’ve gathered for over the 10 years of working remotely.

4. Get ready for a live demo
We’ll go over the most common challenges of remote work and demonstrate how we solve them.

Also, we have a very special offer if you want to start using our tools today.

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