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Enterprise-class email alerting system to stay on track of any important changes in SharePoint

Office 365 Alerts App for SharePoint Online sends alerts, reminders and notifications from SharePoint Online via email and builds a flexible notification system on your SharePoint site. Alerts App has a wide range of settings for scheduling, setting event criteria and email template building with field values. It expands basic SharePoint Online features of notification system and provides a convenience user interface and high productivity. Join our free webinar “Enterprise-class email alerting system to stay on track of any important changes in SharePoint”! Learn how to create custom email alerts & reminders.

Simplify your Hiring Activities and Internal Communications

If you handle the hiring process for a big team, you need clarity. How to keep things under control and do not let the tools to enslave you? Depending on your setup, your HR department can be responsible for internal PR and communications, and training. Join us to learn how. 

Track Sales Pipeline with VirtoSoftware Products

Do you have a challenge managing your sales pipeline? Do you try CRM after CRM and nothing works for you? This is not you, this is human nature. Multiple roles in organizations need to see the pipeline. But if the process is not useful for the salespeople, nothing works. Every grown-up can peacefully ignore the unnecessary formality. So back up your “you just have to” plan with “simplify your life”. Join us to learn more!

Visualize your Services to the Customer with Simple Tools

If the core of your business is providing services  to other companies,  you need to be transparent for a customer. What and when you do it, what is the next step, and how many steps are left. You need to visualize a lot of information frequently, on-demand, and keep your customer data safe. We value your time. Join us to learn how to spend less time on  formalities and have more time left for your core business. 

Gaining More Value from Microsoft Software for Educational Organizations

Transform your Timetable into the kanban board or your Kanban board into Timetable. Plan your time, automate your processes with simple inexpensive tools. Simplify and manage requests. You can do more with less if you use VirtoSoftware. Join us to learn more!