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Business Project App for Office 365

Manage Projects and Project portfolios, prioritize your investments. All in one application.

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Work from Teams and store your data in Office 365.
Business Project App is a lightweight application that allows you to manage projects and portfolios in a convenient interface. Runs on top of your SharePoint of Office 365 and easily integrates into your infrastructure. More then that, we don't store your data, they are always stored on your side. Easy to use, easy to manage.
Calculate & apply financial ratios
To evaluate a business project, you need financial data that goes beyond a simple summary of costs. With Business Project App, you can calculate or take into account NPV, Profitability, and Payback period.
Work with multiple currencies within one project.
Often, project costs need to be planned in 2 or more currencies. Sometimes the conversion rate shall be listed according to the current exchange rate, and sometimes your company sets the internal conversion rate for the given fiscal period. With Business Project App, you can combine 2 and more currencies in one project and convert it with your approved single conversion rate or with a current exchange rate.