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SharePoint AD User Profile Service

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Active Directory User Profile Synchronization Service for SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019
is intended for managing data of Active Directory database user profiles.
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SharePoint AD User Profile Synchronization Service is a web part for SharePoint 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007 that allows managing user profile data of Active Directory database users. User Profile Service is a part of Virto SharePoint Administration Suite and includes two components – Self Service (for working with your own data) and User Service (for management of other users’ profile data). Being combined in a single solution, these two web-parts provide users with powerful tools for synchronization and editing Active Directory User Profile, while logged into SharePoint Site.

Save your time with SharePoint User Profile Synchronization Service

Any authorized SharePoint user with the help of AD User Self Service web part can quickly change his personal information in the user profile. The web part shortens the time of system administrators, which they usually spend on users' data management.

View and edit other SharePoint users' Active Directory profiles

With User Profile Service, you can define which data will be available for editing. For instance, you can allow the HR manager to change posts of other users, but personal data will be unavailable to edit.

Customization of SharePoint User Profile Fields

User Profile Synchronization Service Web Part supports the following Fields Modes: “Edit”, “Read Only”, and “Don't Show”. You can place fields into four tabs and define fields order.

High-level Security of your SharePoint environment

The web part can be adjusted by SharePoint administrator, who decides which users will have permission to manage other users’ data or hide fields from certain users.

SharePoint AD User Profile Synchronization Service Web Part for Microsoft SharePoint

AD User Profile Synchronization Service Web Part enables users to manage their AD profiles by themselves. Any authorized SharePoint user, with the help of this web part, can quickly change his mobile phone number; add date of birth, car number, and any other data to his profile. This solution enables shortening time system administrators usually spend on users' profiles data management.

With User Profile Synchronization Service, you can collect information from Active Directory for current SharePoint user, display this data on a site page, allow users to edit the information, and save these changes in the AD. The permissions to change field values' is defined by the administrator (“Edit”, “Read Only”, and “Don't Show”).

User Profile Synchronization Service Web Part for SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016

With the help of the User Service component, you can manage not only your profile, but other users' data as well (if it is allowed by the system security settings). An administrator can set the fields available for editing and hide fields for other users. For instance, you can allow the HR manager to change posts of other users, but personal data (first and last names) will be unavailable for editing.

All Active Directory users can be displayed as a list sorted in alphabetical order. It is also possible to find any user with search tools. SharePoint User Profile Synchronization Service enables to view user profiles in a special interface, where all the data is grouped by type (personal data, job details, contact information etc.).

Active Directory User Profile Synchronization Service Data Flow

After both AD web parts are added to a site, authorized users can change User Profile Info data, and all changes will be transferred to Active Directory, and from Active Directory Data Base — to SharePoint User Profile Records. When a SharePoint user logs in, the SharePoint AD User Profile Synchronization Service defines login user and domain, transfers his information from Active Directory to SharePoint and displays it on the page. According to the settings defined for web part users by the administrator, a user can edit displayed information. In this case, the changes will be sent to the Active Directory and the message about successful operation will be displayed.

User Profile Synchronization Service Web Part for SharePoint is designed for SharePoint 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007.

Key FeatureDescription
Customization of User Profile Fields There is no need to fill out every existing field in the web part – the administrator chooses necessary fields for editing.
Assign field managing permissionsSupported Fields Modes: “Edit”, “Read Only” and “Don’t Show”
The administrator can adjust different options of editing/viewing/searching settings for fieldsA security feature that allows making certain fields read-only or invisible for users.
Lookup fields are supportedAdd lookup fields to any user profile.
List View of Active Directory User ProfilesUsers can be displayed as a list sorted in alphabetical order.
Ability to search users by AD profile data If Active Directory contains a great amount of data, you can search user profiles by parts of e-mail, city, department, etc.
Ability to create tabs in a user profileSite administrator can choose and add fields to different tabs in a user profile.
Ability to display users from specified AD Organizational UnitsFor example, you can display users from the marketing department only.
Input data validationValidation format of e-mail, phone number, URL, or other data can be added. Empty values can be also checked.
Multiple values in AD field If a user has several e-mails or phone numbers, you can add multiple values to the AD field (if this AD field supports multiple values).

Latest releases

  • Sharepoint 2019 - 4.2.0
  • Sharepoint 2016 - 4.2.0
  • Sharepoint 2013 - 4.2.0
  • Sharepoint 2010 - 4.1.4
  • Sharepoint 2007 - 3.1.0
Download Product Documentation

System requirements

Sharepoint version 2016

  • Operation system
    64-bit edition of Windows Server 2012 R2 Service Pack 1 AND 64-bit edition of Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Service Pack 1 (SP1)
  • Server
    SharePoint Server 2016, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2
  • Browser
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or higher, Google Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla

Sharepoint version 2013

  • Operation system
    Windows Server 2012 Standard or Datacenter X64 / 2008 R2 SP1
  • Server
    SharePoint Release: Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013 or Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013; Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
  • Browser
    Internet Explorer 8 or greater is recommended for Advanced Administration features, Mozilla, Firefox, Google Chrome supported

Sharepoint version 2010

  • Operation system
    Windows Server 2008 x64 / 2008 R2
  • Server
    SharePoint Release: Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 or Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
  • Browser
    Internet Explorer 7 or greater is recommended for Advanced Administration features, Mozilla Firefox supported

Sharepoint version 2007

  • Operation system
    Windows Server 2003 x86/x64 // 2008 x86/x64 // 2008 R2
  • Server
    SharePoint Release: Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services v3 (WSS3.0) SP2 or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 SP2. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 or greater (Note: This product is not compatible with SPS 2003 and WSS v2)
  • Browser
    Internet Explorer 6 or above is recommended for advanced administration features
SharePoint AD User Profile Service
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