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Backup and Recovery Tool

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Backup and Recovery solution is a fast and intelligent software intended for repairing corrupt SharePoint data or restoring SharePoint databases.
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Backup and Recovery component by Virtosoftware is intended to backup and restore your valuable SharePoint content from site-collection or separate site. Now you can easily repair and restore your SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013 data with a single intelligent solution in case your file/library or list was damaged.

Backup and recovery

Virto backup and restore solution for SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013 is intended to protect your entire SharePoint environment and delivers reliable, quick data backup and recovery with unlimited retention.

Make migration easier!

Use Virto SharePoint Backup and Restore as a tool for migration between Office 365 tenants. Just create a backup copy of all content and restore it to another place. With Backup and Recovery solution you can move your data fast and without stress.

Also, you can easily move data between SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013 and continue to work with required files on other platform!

Restore corrupted or lost files

With Virto Backup and Recovery solution, you are able to restore your SharePoint content from individual subsites or site-collection. The component creates backup folders with time stamp, so you can restore any required documents and files according to required date. 

Now you can rapidly recover the lost or corrupt SharePoint content directly where it is needed!

Backup and Recovery is a simple data protection software for SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013 environments. Don't worry if someday you wouldn't be able to find important document for your project or summary report - all content from your SharePoint is backed up, so you can just ask an Administrator to restore your document for chosen period.

Microsoft provides backup of SharePoint data, but stores it only for 14 days, so if you missed a document more than 2 weeks ago - Backup and Recovery by Virto will help you to avoid any stress situations and make your work smooth. Schedule your backup SharePoint site each day and be sure that your sensitive data wouldn't miss for any reason.

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