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Portfolio Project Manager for Office 365

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Virto Project Portfolio Manager (PPM) for Office 365 allows users to control workload of resources - workers or technical resources involved into a business process.
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Virto Office 365 Portfolio Project Manager App is created for an effective SharePoint resource management. PPM is a highly customizable project management & planning solution that helps create projects, set roles and resources for each of them, display the whole structure of existing projects, and manage working hours within organization.
Virto Office 365 Portfolio Project Manager App is a part of Virto ONE Cloud.

Manage your projects, set roles and resources

PPM helps managers to easily assign resources in projects based on their availability, skillset and existing workload. This project management solution helps identify issues like overbooking of resources or appeared days off which create gaps in planned workload.

You can manage project, resources, roles, FTE, and project dates in 3 views: list view, Gannt chart, and Roles chart.

Choose the resources for project roles

Role is a requirements description intended to fulfill a certain work process in a project. Each role involves skills. You define roles with required skills and then add matching resources. Resources can be assigned to project roles according to their skills and existing workload. For example, John Doe is a resource with role Developer and skill JavaScript.

Choose the most suitable resources for project roles according to required and existing skills.

Set detailed information about your resources

Add resources (workers or technical resources) to your project and define their skillsets, location, FTE, and calendars with personal days off, holidays, sick days, etc.

Assign your resources to roles in the most effective way with skillset matching rate indication. Identify and resolve overbooking issues in a simple and visual UI. 

Track the workload of your resources

Manage the workload for roles in a chart with color-coded elements

● Light green – the employees assigned to the role have some free time, they’re available for more workload;
● Dark green – shows amount of assigned workload; 
● Grey – the employees assigned to the role have some days off in this period (holidays, sick days, etc.). 
● Red - some of your employees are overloaded so you need to remove the overloaded employee from the project or reduce FTE.


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