SharePoint Web Parts
& Office 365 Apps
by VirtoSoftware

Security & permissions

SharePoint Create & Clone User Account Web Part allows SharePoint administrator to create and clone AD user accounts and SharePoint user accounts in a convenient interface.

SharePoint Redirect Page web part is intended for automatic redirecting SharePoint users from the site pages they are not allowed to visit to other SharePoint site pages.

Active Directory User Profile Synchronization Service for SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019
is intended for managing data of Active Directory database user profiles.

SharePoint Password Reset Web Part allows to any user logged into the SharePoint portal to reset his Active Directory or FBA password, without contacting an administrator.

SharePoint Password Expiration web part sends SharePoint users e-mail alerts about their password expiration, so they never forget to change it.

SharePoint Password Change Web Part enables Active Directory (AD) users and users with general accounts (FBAP) to change passwords when logged onto a SharePoint Site.