SharePoint Web Parts
& Office 365 Apps
by VirtoSoftware

Files management

SharePoint Bulk File Upload Web Part is an easy and simple tool to upload multiple files or documents to a SharePoint document library.

Allows SharePoint users to upload multiple documents and folder structures to a SharePoint document library or attach multiple items to a SharePoint list item.

Upload multiple documents and folder structures to a SharePoint 2013 document library and set meta data during uploading process.

Allows SharePoint users to download multiple and large files from a SharePoint Library into single .zip archive and store files at their local disk.

SharePoint Bulk File Delete Web Part allows SharePoint users to delete files from SharePoint libraries using it as a ribbon Button or as a Web Part and filter items by View, Caml Query, Fast Search or Tree View.

SharePoint Bulk File Copy & Move allows SharePoint users to copy and move multiple files from a SharePoint Library.

SharePoint Bulk Check in and Approve allows checking in/out large groups of SharePoint documents and files and approving them if approving is required.

Checkout Manager for SharePoint Online is an easy tool to get access to all checked out documents in your SharePoint libraries. Using Virto Checkout Manager, you can ensure with reminders and auto check in feature that all checked out files in your SharePoint environment are not forgotten about.