SharePoint Web Parts
& Office 365 Apps
by VirtoSoftware

Data management

Virto SharePoint Related Items Field Type feature allows to reference existing lookup data in a SharePoint list and access child lists’ items to edit, create, and delete in a parent list.

SharePoint Pivot View Web Part is intended for visualization and convenient management of large amounts of data in Microsoft SharePoint.

Virto Cross-Site & Cascaded Lookup is a powerful tool intended to joint display of associated data from several SharePoint sources including its lists and sites.

SharePoint Bulk Data Edit Web Part allows users to edit multiple data all at once! Just open a SharePoint list or a Document Library with any type of data, select the fields to be edited, proceed to the edit mode and update the selected items all at once.

The Drag & Drop SharePoint Online Forms Builder

SharePoint Forms Designer allows SharePoint users to create and adjust custom SharePoint list forms