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Active Directory User Service

Virto Active Directory User Service is a web part for SharePoint allows managing data of Active Directory database users. Web part includes two components – Self Service (for working with your own data) and User Service (for management of other users’ data). Being combined in a single solution, these two web-parts provide users with powerful tools for managing and editing Active Directory User Profile while being logged into SharePoint Site. Learn more >>

Edition for SP2007. Commercial license for one production SharePoint 2007 FE Web Server $355.00 Buy Now
Annual Maintenance Plan per one license (major upgrades and support within 1 business day response) $106.50 Buy Now
Migration of the web part from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 Server $88.75 Buy Now
Development license for one Q&A, development or test SharePoint 2007 Front End Web Server $99.00 Buy Now


How do you license your products?
Our web-parts and add-ons can be installed on a Front-End Server. So you need 1 product license for each SharePoint Front-End Web Server expect Virto Workflow Activities Kit. This product requires one license per each SharePoint Server.
Are licenses limited by time?
No, licenses never expires.
I have SharePoint Server Farm. How many licenses do I need?
You need 1 License for each Front-End Server on your farm. Please note, we offer volume discounts starting from the 3rd License.
Do you provide a Developer License?
Yes, we have a special Developer Licenses for 20% of a regular product price. These Licenses do not include source code and are intended only for testing purposes. It cannot be used on production environment.
If I buy version of web part for SharePoint 2007, how can I migrate to SharePoint 2010?
If  you buy product license for SP2007, you can also buy a migration option along with your license. This pricing option gives you the right to change the web part from SP2007 Edition to SP2010 only for 25% of the regular product price. Your new activation key for the version of 2010 will be sent you immediately upon your request. Please note, this option is only about providing an access to the new activation key for SP2010 Server, the physical migration of the web part along with settings and data should be done you manually on your own.
Renewals & Upgrades
Minor upgrades to latest versions are available for all licenses; major upgrades are available only for if Annual Maintenance Plan for the license was bought. AMP gives you 365 subscription days from the date of purchase and can be renewed. The standard price of renewal is 100% of the current AMP price, late renewal (after a month of the AMP expiration) – 130%. The product license itself never expires and need not to be reactivated.
Purchase Orders
VirtoSoftware accepts purchase orders (POs) from established companies, educational institutions, and government entities. Please contact sales@virtosoftware.com for the terms and conditions . We cannot process your PO unless you provide all of the information requested.

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